Planning and Zoning Hearing

On January 8th, the Marfa City Council hosted the first of two public hearings in conjunction with the Planning & Zoning Commission. The purpose of the hearing was to introduce changes being proposed to the City’s zoning map, take comments and field questions from the public regarding the proposal. There are six discreet areas where commission members are recommending a change to the zoning category. The proposed changes to the map are part of a larger effort by the commission to update a cumbersome and outdated ordinance with one that reflects the town’s interests and priorities and aligns with the City’s comprehensive plan. Future public hearings will also be held regarding these proposed revisions to the zoning ordinance. While a draft of the revised ordinance is still being reviewed by City staff the significant changes being recommended by the commission are as follows:

• Reducing the minimum lot size (currently 10,000 sf) and intensity of use requirements to reflect the actual lot sizes (6000 sf on average) and historic density in Marfa

• Reducing residential building setback requirements and allowing for the use of prevailing setbacks within immediate localities

• Lowering the maximum allowable height for buildings in commercial zones from 90’ to 38’

• Making reductions to the off-street parking requirements for dwellings, retail and assembly spaces

• Revising the requirements for the placement of a manufactured home within the City

• Increasing restrictions on outdoor signage

• Simplifying fence height requirements

• Adopting a clearer, more concise format for the zoning ordinance

A second joint hearing regarding the changes to the map will be held on Thursday, January 31st at 5:30pm in the Casner room. This meeting is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

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