City Awarded Grants

City of Marfa Awarded Grants from Dixon Water Foundation and Department of Justice The City of Marfa recently received notification of two grant awards which together bring nearly $52,000 in revenue to support creek restoration and to purchase mobile dispatch equipment for the Marfa Police Department.

Dixon Water Foundation Lends Support for the Alamito Creek Improvement Project

The Dixon Water Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to the City to help restore areas of Alamito Creek. The Alamito Creek Improvement Project aims to clean up years of dumped construction debris and other materials along the creek’s banks and take additional measures to improve the health of the watershed, allowing regrowth of trees and grasses. Eventually, a simple walking and biking path could be incorporated for the community’s recreational use.

The project is part of a larger planning effort being pursued by City administration to improve streets and sidewalks, drainage, and the sewer system, and to provide safe routes to the school campus, parks, and other locations. A hike/bike path, if established, could connect to sidewalks or bike lanes to provide places for walking, jogging and cycling away from vehicle traffic.

“Dixon Water Foundation’s mission is to promote healthy watersheds and their Mimm’s Unit is just north of our project’s location, so this is a very significant partnership for us,” said Mayor Ann Marie Nafziger. “There’s a committed group of volunteers that want to clean up the creek, allow trees and grasses to thrive, and create a trail. This grant is a really important first step to understanding what it would take to do that,” she added. The City is seeking matching grant funds from other sources in order to get the first phase of the project underway. Department of Justice Award to Marfa Police Department

Marfa secured a $31,975 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) on behalf of its police department from the U.S. Department of Justice, following recommendation from the Rio Grande Regional Council of Governments. The grant will allow Marfa Police Department

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